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Location Scouting & local production, Sardinia

Over 10 years of experience in location scouting and photos and cinema productions in Sardinia, with Guide-sardinia.com you get locations, props, hotels, permits, recce, specialized staff, grips, local production managers, transfers, vans and trucks serviceGlobal consultancy on photo shoots and cinema, fashion and luxury spot: video and photo direction, transfers, accommodations, location scouting and production. Please, visit our Linkedin profile for further informations

Last main photo and cinema Location scouting in Sardinia:

2020 October BBC London, Location scouting, "The planets" TV  Series Program

2020 October Map+ Location scouting, video production

2020 February Sardegna Film Commission, location socuting with film directors Massimo D'Anolfi and Lech Kovalski

2019 Filmartstudio - Location scouting, logystics, transports, permits ENERVIT

2018 Mascioni Associati- Location scouting Loro Piana 

2017 Hope&Glory London - Fiji Artesian water spot Location scouting, logystics, transports

2017 WRC Toyota - Allucinazione SpA- Logistics

2017 Massimo Autieri Production-Mirto di Sardegna Location scouting, local manager

2016 Honda New bike X-ADV teaser- Local manger assistant and driver

2016 Massimo Autieri Production- Local manager

2015 Glamour Sardinia - Location scouting & Producer
2014 Artolica Lalaland production, Sardinia- local manager-Location scouting Prada Spot
2013-2012-2011-2009-2008-2007 Glamour- Sardinia- Location scouting & Producer
2011 Massimo Dutti- Roma- Producer
2010 Elle- Sardinia- Location scouting & Producer, Recce
2007 Alysi winter 2008 collection